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1 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes (life expectancy versus income) A video of a section of the 2010 BBC documentary 'The Joy of Stats'; with an animated graph of the life expectancies and incomes of countries, animated for 200 years of data.


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1 Unlisted Videos Unlisted Videos A website designed, developed and owned by Statistical Consultants Ltd, for submitting, searching for, and watching unlisted YouTube videos.


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1 L-Lists logo Free Alternatives to Excel A list on L-Lists, of links to free spreadsheets software.


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10 L-Lists logo Commercial Statistical Software Statistics related lists, on L-Lists.
9 International Data Sources
8 Open Access Statistics Journals
7 Statistics Journals
6 National Statistics Offices
5 Free Statistical Software
4 L-Lists logo L-Lists The collaborative list making website designed, developed, and owned by Statistical Consultants Ltd.
3 Titanic Titanic Fare Data Two blog posts about the Titanic, which include:
  • Summary tables related to the survival and fare data.
  • A LOESS smoother applied to a scatter plot of proportion survived vs age.
  • A decimilisation formula applied to the Titanic fares (that converts the fares from the old pre-decimalise currency to the modern decimalised currency).
  • An estimate of the fares in terms of 2012 prices.
2 Titanic survival rates by age (graph with smoother) Titanic Survival Data
1 IDI vs IPB graph ICT Development Index 2010 A blog post about:
  • The information and communication technology index, and its nonlinear relationships with GDP per capita (PPP).
  • The nonlinear relationship between IDI (ICT Development Index) and IPB (ICT Price Basket).


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6 South Sudan flag Statistics about South Sudan
5 Benford's law animated gif Benford’s Law Explained A series of blog posts about Benford's Law / Benford's Distribution, a distribution that the leading digits certain types of data sets typically conform to.  Benford's Law has been used to assist with accounting fraud investigations.
4 Benford's distribution graph Benford’s Law and Accounting Fraud Detection
3 Rank size rule of city populations (multiplicative relationship graph) The Rank-Size Rule of City Populations The rank-size rule of city populations, is a commonly observed statistical relationship between the population sizes and population ranks of a nation’s cities.  
2 time reversal Axiomatic Analysis of Elementary Indices A continuation of the blog post series about index numbers.
1 Ratio of harmonic means Elementary Indices


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27 Tornqvist index Different ways of measuring the Consumer Price Index (CPI) A series of blog posts about the calculation and properties of index numbers, which are used to derive various economic and financial statistics such as the CPI (consumer price index).
26 Index Numbers
25 TANAGRA screenshot TANAGRA: A free data-mining program A review for the free data mining software, TANAGRA.
24 Galton box diagram The Galton Box The Galton Box was invented by Sir Francis Galton in the 19th century, to demonstrate the central limit theorem and the binomial and normal distributions.
23 Digit grouping styles How the world separates its digits A table showing the style(s) that each country uses to separate the digits of its large numbers ( e.g. 1,000,000 10,00,000 10.000.000 etc).
22 Decimal separator map How the world separates its decimals A thematic map showing which countries denote a decimal separation with a point, and which denote a decimal separation with a comma.
21 PSPP screenshot PSPP: A free alternative to SPSS A review for PSPP, a free statistical software that is based on SPSS.
20 Utility function graph Utility Functions
19 Graph of Rawlsian social welfare function Social Welfare Fuctions
18 Cross-validation A series of three blog posts, each outlining the steps taken to perform a particular statistical simulation technique.
17 Bootstrapping
16 Monte Carlo Methods
15 Total Least Squares (TLS) Total Least Squares Total Least Squares is an alternative regression modelling technique to the conventional Ordinary Least Squares (OLS).  It involves minimising the sum of the squared diagonal residuals, instead of the sum of the squared vertical residuals.
14 court gavel Prosecutor’s Fallacy An explanation of various statistical fallacies that can and have resulted in miscarriages of justice.  The Sally Clark Case (United Kingdom) is used as an example.
13 German tank The German Tank Problem A simple formula the Western Allies used during World War II, that predicted with great accuracy, the number of German tanks being produced, based on the serial numbers of captured or destroyed German tanks.
12 R-estimators R-estimators A series of four blog posts about alternatives to the OLS regression modelling technique, that are robust to departures from the normality assumption.
11 Median mu-tilda L-estimators
10 Lp subclass of M-estimators M-estimators
9 Least Absolute Deviation (LAD) LAD: An Alternative to OLS
8 Gambler’s Fallacy Gambler’s fallacy is a type of faulty statistical reasoning, common to people with gambling problems.
7 Monty Hall problem The Monty Hall Problem A simple probability puzzle (based on a game from the American gameshow Let’s Make a Deal), that has managed to fool many people, including those highly educated in fields that rely heavily on mathematics.
6 Graphs of Condorcet's jury theorem Condorcet’s Jury Theorem Condorcet's formula based on the cumulative binomial distribution, that predicts the probabilty of a correct verdict based on:
  • The number of jurors
  • The probability of each juror being correct
  • The number of jurors needed for a majority
5 Simple random sample (diagram) Survey Sampling Methods A description of the main categories of survey sampling method.
4 Life expectancy vs GDP per capita (scatter plot and model) Life expectancy at birth versus GDP per capita (PPP) A graph and statistical model of the nonlinear relationship betwen life expectancy (at birth) and GDP per capita (PPP).
3 Graph from Gretl a of time series model with forecast. Gretl: A free alternative to EViews A review of Gretl; a free econometrics software, that is very similar to EViews.
2 Straight line regression model on a scatter plot Regression Regression is a statistical modelling technqiue involving the fitting of a mathematical equation to a set of data.  The simplest example is fitting a straight line of best fit, to a scatterplot.
1 Battle of Britain (1969) movie poster Battle of Britain Casualty Data The casualty data tables displayed at the end of the movie Battle of Britain (1969).


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