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The services we provide include (but are not limited to) the following:

Statistical Modelling 

Statistical modelling has two main purposes: prediction and explanation. There are many different statistical modelling techniques Statistical Consultants Ltd can provide, including (but not limited to): regression models, nonparametric models, semiparametric models, Bayesian models, CART, and discriminant analysis.
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Figures can appear unpredictable over time, but often there are strong patterns that are only obvious once the data has been analysed statistically. Statistical models can be built which take into account these patterns, and can be used to make forecasts.
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Statistical Programming / Data Processing

While working with Excel spreadsheets or text files, you may encounter scenarios where in order to get a job done, you need to make many repetitive actions which could take hours, days, or even weeks to perform manually.  Statistical Consultants Ltd provides programming services which can greatly speed up such processes.  Programming is often a necessary step needed to be taken before a statistical analysis can be performed. Customised programs written by Statistical Consultants Ltd would be run for the client and/or given to the client to run (along with a set of easy to follow instructions).  
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Data Mining

Data mining involves using statistical and computational techniques to reveal useful information (usually) from a large amount of data. When applied to data from a sales database, data mining techniques can reveal valuable insights into customer behaviour.
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Economics and Econometrics Consulting

Economics and econometric consulting services including: business strategies, public policy advice, economic impact studies, demand modelling, price sensitivity analysis, forecasting and financial mathematics.
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Operations Research

Operations research (also known as management science) is an interdisciplinary subject which combines statistics, mathematics and computational techniques to solve a special class of problems which are common in business.
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Statistical Support For Academic Research

Statistical support for academic researchers including tertiary educators and postgraduate students (working on theses, dissertations, PhDs / doctorates etc).
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Statistical Graphics

Statistical Consultants Ltd can provide sophisticated customised graphs, diagrams and mathematical formulae for reports, projects, presentations, publications and websites.
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Web Scraping

Web scraping involves the automated extraction of data (numbers or text) or files from websites.  This usually involves writing a program which reads a website's HTML code, and then extracts the relevant information from that code. 
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Website Development

In addition to consulting services, we also provide web-development services for small businesses and organisations. 
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If you think we may be of use, tell us what you think you might like done.  We would then send you a no obligation proposal outlining:

  • Our understanding and/or assumptions of your requirements
  • Our requirements e.g. what data you would provide us
  • Our initial recommendations
  • Our intended methodologies for the project
  • Cost breakdowns
  • Project timings
  • Who would be working on the project and a brief description of their qualifications, skills and experience
Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we would then send you a contract by either email or post.  If the former, you would reply to the email and state that you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.


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