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Statistics Help for Academic Research

Statistical Consultants Ltd can provide statistics help for academic researchers including tertiary educators and postgraduate students (working on theses, dissertations, PhDs / doctorates etc).
Statistical Consultants Ltd has helped a variety of academic researchers including researchers of psychology, geography, medicine, biology, economics / econometrics and finance / banking.

Study Design and Data Gathering Advice

Statistical Consultants Ltd can provide advice on the design of studies (which involve collecting data) such as surveys, experiments and observational studies. 
Statistical Consultants Ltd can also provide advice about socio-economic data collected by governments e.g. what data is available, what it represents, how it is modified or calculated, and what you would have to be careful of when making international comparisons.

Data Preparation

Preparing data sets for statistical analysis can sometimes be a very time consuming activity if done manually.  Statistical Consultants Ltd provides programming services which can greatly speed up such tasks. 
See the Statistical Programming / Data Processing Services page for more information.

Statistical Analysis

regression curve

Statistical Consultants Ltd can provide advice on a wide range of statistical analysis techniques including:
Statistical Consultants Ltd can also help researchers implement statistical analysis techniques in a variety of software packages. 


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