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Website Development Services

In addition to consulting services, we also provide a low cost web-development service for small businesses and organisations.  Although this particular service is aimed at the New Zealand market, we would consider providing this service to those based elsewhere.

Website Features

The website could include:
  • A home page explaining what the business/organisation does
  • A page explaining the products/services in greater detail
  • A page with information about the staff members
  • A links page
  • A contact information page
The website would include a page of webstats updated daily, and email accounts that end in the domain name e.g.
The contact information page could include either email addresses as images or a contact form.  Both options would be immune to most, if not all spam bots.  The contact form would send the message to a chosen email address.
Example of contact form:
contact form example 


Example of email address as image:
email address image example 


Buttons that glow and/or appear indented when you move the cursor over them, could be added to the site and used to navigate between pages. 

Examples of possible buttons include (but are not limited to):



Contact Statistical Consultants Ltd for a free quote. 
The quote would outline the costs of:
  • Website construction (one-off fixed cost)
  • Domain name (reoccurring cost)
  • Website hosting (reoccurring cost)
  • Website administration (reoccurring cost)
The website administration cost would cover minor alterations to the site and any dealings with the web hosting provider.  The website administration cost also covers the creation, deletion and modification of email accounts.
The website would be submitted to several popular search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing) at no extra cost.


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