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Battle of Britain Casualty Data

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The Battle of Britain is regarded as a major turning point in World War II.  The battle happened from 10 July 1940 to 31 October 1940.  The battle involved the Nazis launching aircraft from occupied France, to attack Britain.

The Allies were victorious despite being outnumbered by the Nazi aircraft.  The Allied victory was largely due to the manoeuvrability of the British spitfires and usage of radar technology.

In 1969, the film ‘Battle of Britain’ was released.  At the end of the film, the following casualty data tables are displayed. 

Pilots that fought for the Allies during the Battle of Britain:

1822 R.A.F. and other Commonwealth 339
56 Fleet Air Arm 9
21 Australian 14
73 New Zealander 11
88 Canadian 20
21 South African 9
2 Southern Rhodesian 0
8 Irish 0
7 American 1
141 Polish 29
86 Czech 8
26 Belgian 6
13 Free French 0
1 Israeli 0

German losses during the Battle of Britain:

Bomber crews 1176
Stuka crews 85
Fighter bomber crews 212
Fighter pilots 171
Missing crews (believed killed) 1445

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