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200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes (life expectancy versus income)

Date posted: 31 December 2015

The following video is on the BBC's YouTube channel, and is of a presentation by Hans Rosling for the 2010 documentary 'The Joy of Stats'. The presentation shows a graph of points representing countries, with the y-axis representing life expectancy, and x-axis representing income; much like the blog post Life expectancy at birth versus GDP per capita (PPP) on this blog. While the blog post looks at a snapshot of recent data (with a regression model fitted to it), the following presentation video instead looks at the historical changes in the data. The graph in the video also has:
  • The points having different sizes (depending on the country's population)
  • The points colour coded (to represent clusters of countries e.g. European, Asian etc.)
  • Points animated across a period of 200 years.

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