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How the world separates its digits


Digit groupings

Digit group separators are often used when displaying large numbers, to make them easier to read.
For example, the number 293847298347 could be written as 293,847,298,347.
Not all countries use a comma for separation and not all countries separate the numbers at every three digits.

Style A: 10,000,000,000
Style B: 10 000 000 000
Style C:
Style D: 10’000’000’000
Style E: 10˙000˙000˙000
Style F: 100,0000,0000
Style G: 10,00,00,00,000

P: Print
H: Handwriting


Australia PH PH
Canada (English speaking) PH
Israel PH
Japan PH PH
Korea (both) PH
Malaysia PH
New Zealand PH
Philippines PH
Singapore PH
United Kingdom PH
Belgium PH PH H
Denmark PH PH
Germany PH PH
Italy PH PH H H
Netherlands PH PH
Portugal PH PH
Romania PH PH H
Slovenia PH PH
Sweden PH PH
Albania PH
Bosnia PH
Canada (French Speaking) PH
Croatia PH
Czech Republic PH
Estonia PH
Finland PH
France PH
Hungary PH
Poland PH
Serbia PH
Slovakia PH
Spain PH H
Switzerland PH
China PH
India PH

Digit separations can also depend on the number of digits.  For example, in countries with the comma separator, the number ‘one thousand’ is often displayed as 1000 rather than 1,000; with separations only occurring for numbers with five or more digits.
Digit group separation is less common in China, but when it is done, the separation is at every four digits due to language reasons.  India’s digit separation is also due to language reasons.
If any of the information in the above table is inaccurate, or if you know how digits are separated in a country that isn’t listed in the table, please contact us so the table can be corrected/expanded.

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